Moxie Med Spa Rates

Laser Hair Removal

Small Area – Bikini Line, Abdomen Trail, Ears, Nose, Upper Lip, Uni-brow, Buttcrack, Forehead, Front (or) Back Neckline, Chin, Hands, Feet, Sideburns

$99 per session
$79 per session with membership


Medium Area – Full Face, Stomach, Chest, Shoulders, Butt Cheeks, Brazilian, Half arms

$189 per session
$149 per session with membership


Large Area – Full Arms, Back, Full Legs, Brazilian & U/A

$229 per session
$189 per session with membership


$69 per session
$49 per month with membership


For all laser services: Please shave the area prior to your appointment. If you cannot reach, we will shave the area for a shave fee. Laser Hair Removal takes anywhere from 12-18 sessions for 85% – 95% permanent hair reduction.

Laser only works on dark hairs.

Sugar Hair Removal

Female Brazilian: $69 per session/$49 per month with membership 
Includes full mound, labia, bikini line, butt crack

Male Brazilian: $79 per session/$59 per month with membership
Includes full mound, scrotum, shaft, blended into thigh, and butt crack

Tiny Area: $9.00 per area
Ears, Nose, Lip, Chin

Small Area: $19 per area
Brows, Neckline, Nipples, Underarms, Shoulders, Butt Crack, Sideburns, Hands, Feet

Medium Area: $59.00 per area/$49 per month with membership
Full Face, Chest, Stomach, Butt Cheeks, Half Arms, Half Legs, Half Back

Large Area: $79 per area/69 per month with membership
Full arms, Full Legs, Full Back, or Brazilian & Underarm

Full Body: $349 for 1.5 hours/$189 per month with membership (1 hr)

Injection Services

Dysport: $11.00 per unit

Dermal Filler: $550-$650 per syringe

Skin Services

Dermaplane, Chemical Peel or Cheek Glow: $79/session

Microneedle: $149/session

IPL – Intense Pulse Light: $199/session

Skin Tag/Nose Vein: $29 per spot or $199 per area

Brow or Last Tinting: $29 per area

Electrolysis: $29 per 15 minutes or $200 per area

Cryoskin/Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening: $199/session

Cryoskin 3.0: $349 per session or 5 for $1499