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Moxie Med Spa is an award winning Med Spa in Lakewood, CO. Know for providing head to toe services to men and women, we pride ourselves on being a top choice in our community for the past 14 years. Starting out as a small waxing studio and growing into a full blown Med Spa, we have become a trusted favorite with clients driving from the mountains, and opposite ends of the metro to come see us. With a second location opening in 2020, here are the top ten reasons to give us a try!

  1. You’re tired of shaving. Or bribing someone else to help you shave. It can also be awkward for a single guy to ask a buddy to shave their back for them. If you have a friend like that, keep them. That’s true friendship. However, we can alleviate that by offering sugar waxing (temporary hair removal) or laser hair removal (permanent hair reduction.)
  2. That stubborn neck, armpit, jowls, chin, and other areas that no matter how hard you work out, or diet won’t diminish. We have a great service called Deoxycholate that can help permanently remove these stubborn areas. At an intro price of only $79 per syringe, this is an service that men and women alike are lining up for.
  3. Your facial cream, or foundation is sitting atop your facial hairs, giving you a flaky appearance rather than on your face with a smooth silky finish. ALL of us have those fine baby hairs on our face. Vellous hair as they are commonly referred to as, cover our entire face from hair line to neck. With a once monthly dermaplane service, we use a scalpel to not only remove the hairs, but the top layer of your skin as well, clearing off dead skin cells rejuvenating your face.
  4. Enhancing your lips to create a luscious plump pout and defining your top lip are a great option with dermal fillers. We have a variety of them from Juvaderm to Restylane and more. Dermal fillers are not limited to lips. We can smooth out those under-eye bags, highlight cheekbones, smooth a bumpy nose, liquid face-lift, fix a gummy smile, and more all in a 30-45 minute appointment with instant results. We take a conservative approach as we want you to look like you, with an slight enhancement on your natural beauty.
  5. You’ve lunged, squatted, and planked and that stubborn cellulite or stomach pudge won’t take a hike. We have body contouring with our Cryoskin that can slim, tone or tighten any area on your body. Lose inches on your waist, smooth out dips and dimples, or lift up your booty! Great for special occasions as well.
  6. Skin-tags. They are annoying pieces of skin that grow in the most irritating places. Commonly found on the face, neck, chest, armpit, or intimate areas, these harmless skin growths can be removed from the stalk hindering the occurrence of re-growth. Whether it is one, or a full area, we can remove them in a 15 to 30 minute session for a fraction of the cost of a dermatologist. *We do not remove moles.
  7. The years are adding up and and your face is taking notice. We can help smooth out those fine lines and wrinkles that have settled in various areas of your face. Preventative maintenance is key. The sooner you start Botox or Dysport, the less you’ll need as you get older and prevent deep lines that have made a permanent home on your face.
  8. Our sugar wax is an award winning product made and manufactured right here in Colorado. Made from only 3 ingredients, water, lemon juice and sugar, Moxie Sugar is an all natural product safe for all skin types. Even the most sensitive of skin. Because it only sticks to hair and not to skin, and it is warmed to just above room temperature, our sugar wax is a safe alternative to other waxing services and removes the hair from the root that can leave you smooth and silky longer than traditional waxing services can.
  9. You love supporting a local small business. Moxie Med Spa is not a chain. We are a small business owned by one owner that has made a niche for itself in the community by providing top notch services from highly trained and educated Aesthetic and Nurse professionals, many of whom have been with Moxie over 13 years! Our reviews on Google and Yelp, Facebook and our website showcase the thousands of men and women who love us. When you’re at Moxie, you are part of our family. Serving many professional athletes in our community we are the #1 choice for discretion, too. We are HIPPA compliant and provide a safe, relaxing environment for all.
  10. It’s time to do something for YOU! You deserve to look as good as you feel. Pampering yourself is important. You matter. It is not vain to want to fix skin irregularities. It is not silly to want to enhance your appearance or smooth out wrinkles. We love getting to know you, and getting to know our community. We are so proud to be a business in Denver and being one of the few that offer full body services to men and women, head to toe.

Give us a call today to book your free consultation! 303-232-2116 Or visit us online at www.mymoxiemedspa.com We look forward to seeing you soon!

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