Brazilian for Men

Getting a brazilian wax for men

You may think only women get Brazilian services done, but did you know 50% of our clientele are men? Male Brazilians are growing in popularity, and have become pretty common. Moxie is one of the very few places in Denver that will perform these services on men, and we have a very loyal clientele because we are experts in our field and treat you the same way we treat any of our clients. To us, it is just skin and hair, and we want everyone to look and feel great!

Some benefits of male Brazilian:

  • Feel more confident
  • Improve hygiene
  • Less sweat
  • Less ingrowns
  • Remove thick, coarse hair to reveal smooth skin
  • Great for athletes, especially cyclists and runners
  • Increase sensitivity and closeness during intimate moments

The male Brazilian includes removing all of the pubic hair from the mound, scrotum, bikini line (we will blend in with your thigh hair), and butt crack. Upgrade to the full butt cheeks to match the front.

We pride ourselves on making you feel comfortable, especially during your first visit. Even though the hair removal might be uncomfortable at times, we use techniques, products and equipment to reduce the amount of discomfort. If you aren’t sure which service is right for you, call, email or simply ask us during your visit.

 Best Results for Laser Hair Removal:

Shave the area prior to your laser service. Any areas that you can’t reach we can shave before to your treatment. Plan on doing 12-18 sessions, (minimum of 12 sessions to see results) approximately one month apart, for 85-99% permanent hair reduction.

Male Brazilian Laser: $175 a session or $695 for a package of 6.

Best Results for Sugaring:

The hair has to be at least a 1/4 inch long (about 4-5 weeks of hair growth after shaving, 3-6 weeks growth after waxing or sugaring).  If your hair has not been maintained, don’t try trimming it yourself. Leave it to us. We have special trimmers that prepare the hair to the proper length. It will also save you a mess in the bathroom at home. Men love our sugar product because it isn’t hot, and is gentle on delicate skin.

Male Brazilian Sugar: $69

 FAQs about this service:

Q: Is it normal to get an erection during the Brazilian service?

A: In our experience, about 25% of the male clients will get an erection at some point during the service. Unless you are uncomfortable, we will continue with the service. Most erections go back down immediately. About 75% of our male clients do not experience an erection when our services are part of their regular grooming routine.

Q: Do mostly gay men have this service done?

A: We cater to any and all sexual preferences. Whether you’re heterosexual, gay, transgender, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, unisexual,  everyone who is human is welcome at Moxie Studio. Most of our regular clients are heterosexual men who are single or in long-term relationships. However, also we have a large client base of men from 18-70 that have other sexual preferences besides heterosexual.

Q: Is it normal for a man to leak during the service?

A: Any fluid, including sweat, will interfere with the sugar being able to stick to the hair. The technician will simply wipe the area clean if this happens. Most men (and women) will sweat during the service. This is normal.

Have more questions? Give us a call or email