Brazilian for Women

Choose Moxie’s brazilian wax for women

At Moxie Med Spa, most of our female clients opt for the full Brazilian. This includes removing all of the hair from the mound, labia, bikini line and butt crack. You may choose to leave a strip or triangle of hair on the mound, or remove it all.

We do also offer a Bikini wax, which is a small section at the top of the mound, and the bikini lines. Think everything that would not fit inside a bikini.

Some of the benefits of a female Brazilian are:

  1. Freedom when wearing a swimsuit
  2. Enjoy intimate activities more
  3. Less sweat
  4. Feel cleaner and smell fresher
  5. Less bumps and irritation than shaving
  6. Soft and smooth skin after hair is removed

We are the experts in Brazilian Laser Hair Removal and Sugar for Women.

Best Results for Laser Hair Removal:

Shave the area before your laser service. Any areas that you can’t reach, we can shave for you prior to your treatment. Plan on doing 12-18 with 12 as the minimum in order to see results. Each session should be approximately one month apart, for 85-95% permanent hair reduction. We offer free consultations and test patches, give us a call! 303-232-2116

Female Brazilian Laser Single Session – $175 for single session or $695 for 6.

Best Results for Sugar:

The hair has to be at least a 1/4 inch long (about 4-5 weeks of hair growth after shaving, or three-six weeks growth after waxing or sugaring). If your hair has not been maintained, don’t bother trimming beforehand. We can quickly trim your hair to the proper length during your visit if needed.

Female Brazilian Sugar – $59 Monthly Membership – $39 a month

This service takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on the person. The hair typically starts growing back after two to four weeks. We recommend re-booking appointments four weeks apart so the hair is long enough to sugar again. We offer monthly memberships!