Cheeky Glow

Try Moxie’s unique Cheeky Glow – Butt Facial

Along with many of our other services, the Cheeky Glow is unique to Moxie Studio. This service is great for men and women.

The Cheeky Glow is a treatment for your backside to cure pimples, ingrown hairs and exfoliate dry skin. Many individuals suffer from skin irritations but find it a difficult area to reach, especially to extract ingrown hairs or blackheads. We often neglect our butt cheeks, and they deserve attention too!

The Cheeky Glow is one of our signature services and goes nicely with a Brazilian (sugar or laser), but can also be done separately. We recently improved our method with new products and equipment.

What to expect:

The skin is cleansed and a chemical exfoliant is used to remove dead skin cells. The skin is then further exfoliated with a chemical peel treatment. Lastly, we hydrate with Sanitas Vita-Rich Serum and Moisture Mist.

Ask about this unique service at your next visit to the studio, or call to schedule an appointment at 303-232-2116. You can also schedule online.