Facial Rejuvenation, commonly referred to as IPL or Photofacial

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a light based device used to treat sun damage small veins and fine lines/texture. “Photofacial” is the term used for the treatment itself. A photofacial is the process of removing sun damage, fine lines and/or facial redness with the IPL.

Our IPL system can perform many functions. The first treatment we will be discussing is age spots, sun damage and skin discoloration.

Sun damage is can cause irregular brown and red discoloration of the skin. These sun spots and broken capillaries of the skin can make the skin look weathered, and old. IPL can reduce and in some cases even eliminate these discolorations and makes the skin tone more even and bright. It works by heating up the structures that hold the color, also known as pigment, and damaging or destroying the blood vessel or “sun spot”. This process is called Selective Photo Thermal Lysis.

By using a range of wavelengths of light the IPL can target brown and red discoloration. Filters are used to cut off wavelengths of light that could be harmful to the skin. IPL works the best on fair to light colored people who have age spots, sun damage, freckles, or discoloration on the hands, face, chest and neck.

Many people ask what it feels like. The treatment takes anywhere from 15-45 minutes, depending on the area(s) you would like treated. We apply a topical gel, generally odorless, colorless ultra sound gel that acts as a conduit for the light. You will be given protective eyewear, and we will have you lie down, and relax. We will be in constant communication with you, and be sure to keep you at a level you are comfortable with. It is not painful, many people describe the procedure as a light vibrating sensation, and for those who have a higher pain tolerance, we are able to go up to a higher level, it can be described as a tiny bee sting. Remember, we will not go higher than what you can handle.

The light output from the IPL contains no harmful ultraviolet light and therefore is non-mutagenic. It utilizes absorption physics to thermally destroy the unwanted target and your body will replace the damaged target with new cells.

After a procedure, you may see the area treated become darker, and “rise” above the skin. The procedure is working at a cellular level and working from the inside out. The color is essentially rising from inside out and will flake off your skin leaving you with rejuvenated and more even skin tone. It is important to not pick or rub the area, it is delicate skin and irritating it can cause scarring or discoloration.

The procedure can take 3-4 treatments to be fully effective. There is no down time, you could do this on your lunch break and be back to work without anyone knowing what you had done.

Many people will see results with the first treatment, though we recommend at least 3 to get the most significant results.

Post care. It is essential that you stay out of the sun after an IPL treatment, and to avoid being in the sun for extended periods of time whenever possible. Sunscreen or sunblock are vital in protecting your skin. Remember, sunscreen provides a screen from the sun where UV rays can still penetrate the skin. Sun block acts as a barrier and UV rays are unable to penetrate. We will get you started with the IPL, but it is up to you to maintain the results by using sunscreen and protecting your skin.

Why not shine a little brighter? Show the world how radiant you are!


A photofacial is a light-based treatment that rejuvenates the skin, other times called IPL (Intense Pulse Light) or Skin Rejuvenation.


The light waves used in a photofacial treat acne, brown spots and fine lines.  The pulsed light is made up of different wavelengths to penetrate different depths of skin.


Like magic! Now you see it, now you don’t! It seems miraculous, but there is science behind it on a cellular level. The light waves selected have been scientifically proven to treat freckles and pimples, making them fade or disappear within days after the treatment.


Most people compare it to a rubber band snap.  However, at Moxie Sugar and Laser Studio we use the Palomar Starlux 300, which has been reported by many of our clients as a slight pressure, but no pain. It requires no numbing.


Before the procedure, our staff will discuss what treatment is best for you, depending on skin type and tone. You’ll be given a set of goggles to protect your eyes from the flashes of light. A cool gel is applied to the treatment area, both to lubricate the hand piece and help cool the skin during treatment. Your skin care specialist will then apply brief pulses of bright light to the skin through the hand piece.  Although it may take a series of treatments for best results, you’ll notice a difference after your very first visit.


The treatment is very quick – for example, it takes less than 20 minutes to treat a face. The treatment itself is virtually pain free and is frequently compared to a warm massage.


Moxie Studio charges $250 for face, $150 for neck, $300 for upper chest, $600 for face, neck and chest, $100 for hands and $200 for half arms. Prices can be determined for other areas like back or legs. We charge $25 per spot if you only have a couple pimples or brown spots you want treated.