Skin Tag Removal

Why do you need skin tag removal?

Skin tags are a common nuisance on many people, and can become increasingly irritating as time goes on. They appear as tiny pearl drops attached to the skin’s surface and tend to multiply in aging skin. Skin tags can appear on almost any part of the body and vary in appearance from person to person. They can be tiny, or grow very large and irritated due to rubbing on clothing or other skin surfaces.

While skin tags are not particularly dangerous, they become a problem when they are larger and more susceptible to being torn. They are also irritated when people don’t realize they are shaving over them. This will not remove the skin tag, only irritate the top layer causing a scab to form. Many individuals who choose to remove skin tags also do so for cosmetic purposes.

How Does It Work?

We use a Lam Probe machine that includes a very sharp razor to cut the “stalk” of the skin tag off of your skin. This process is not painful, though you may feel a quick pinch or poke for a brief moment, if at all. You will have a small scab and redness where the skin tag was removed for 3-14 days, depending on the size of the skin tag that was removed. For the first day, we recommend a topical ointment, after that we recommend you let the area breath and heal. Do not pick the scab, as with any scab that is picked, it can leave a scar as the area had not fully healed yet.
There is no down time for this service. We do recommend you do not exfoliate the area for 2 full weeks after treatment.

How Much Does It Cost?
$25.00 per spot, or $200 for a full area. A full area consists of a full neck, full face, 1/2 back, upper arm, etc.

How Long Does It Take?
A skin tag removal takes about 1-2 minutes per spot. Depending on how many skin tags you would like removed, we book in 15 minute increments up to 1 hour at a time.

Can You Remove Moles?
At Moxie, we do not remove moles. When moles are removed they are often sent in for pathology, depending on the Doctor removing your mole. If you are unsure of the difference between and mole and a skin tag, we are happy to help point out whether or not it is a skin tag or a mole, though we will not provide medical advice regarding the size, color, or shape of a mole. If you have questions on a mole, or would like a mole removed, we recommend you contact a Dermatologist, or your PCP. Please do not ever try to remove a mole or skin tag yourself.

If you have questions on skin tags, give us a call at 303-232-2116.